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MF24H - MusicalFare 24 Hours

June 14, 2014 at 8pm



THE 3rd annual presentation of
MF24H: MusicalFare 24 Hours,

At 8pm on June 14, 2014 - on the musicalfare mainstage for the very first time!


Creativity happens daily at MusicalFare Theatre as shows are constantly being created, developed and produced. 

What would happen if that ENTIRE PROCESS was done in 24 hours?   - From the idea, to the writing, to the rehearsal, to the production?

MusicalFare 24 Hours (MF24H) brings an entirely new idea to Buffalo Niagara.  The 24 hour creation, development and production of THREE mini-musicals and their world premieres.

MF24H featured a multitude of local theatre artists, in a celebration of the energy and creativity that epitomizes the new Buffalo!


The process of MF24H: MusicalFare 24 Hours (2014) began at 8pm on Friday, June 13th.  At that time, the three writing/directing teams met in the Premier Center Cabaret to briefly dicuss their ideas and to be introduced to VIP Ticket Holders.

The teams were also given a jumping-off point for their pieces: Previously, five quotes had been listed on the MusicalFare website that the general public was allowed to vote on.  The top two vote recipients were printed out and put into a hat.  The "winning" quote was drawn at random and each team had to include the quote in the writing of their piece, whether as dialogue or lyrics.  The "winning" quote was by Maya Angelou:
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Immediately following that, the teams met as a unit and "drafted" actors for their individual musicals.  The final teams were as follows:

Phil Farugia - composer
Donna Hoke - playwright
Chris Kelly - director
Kerrykate Abel
Kelli Bocock-Natale
Jamie Boswell
Maria Droz
Nicholas Lama
Michael Wachowiak

Theresa Quinn - arranger
Michael Walline - playwright/director
Bobby Cooke
Edith Grossman
Renee Landrigan
Laura Mikolajczyk
Katy Miner
Loraine O'Donnell
Jonathan Young

Randall Kramer - composer
Jon Elston/Winifred Storms - playwrights
Justin Karcher - lyricist
Doug Weyand - director
Jacob Albarella
Gregory Gjurich
Wendy Hall
Kay Kerimian
Jamie Nablo Lama
Marc Sacco

After the actors were chosen, the writers went to work - writing their musicals overnight!  Actors were contacted by phone and email telling them which teams they were assigned to for rehearsals the next morning.

At 9am on Saturday, June 14th, the actors arrived to begin rehearsals. Each team was in a separate space: the stage, the Premier Center Cabaret or the upstairs rehearsal room.  Each group began with a read-thru of the script!

After the read-thru, rehearsals began.  Music was taught, staging was given and then the casts began running the show over and over again to help commit it to memory!

Each piece met with costume designer Kari Drozd, lighting/sound designer Chris Cavanagh and set designer Chris Schenk to determine what design elements would help in telling the stories.  Then each show had a one-hour tech rehearsal on the stage where those elements were added. 

An hour before the 8pm performance, audience members began filing in to the Premier Center Cabaret.  The atmosphere was charged with excitement!

At 8pm, the curtain went up and each show was performed and a quick Q&A with the writing/directing teams occurred. 

A receeption was held  in the Premier Center Cabaret after the event, with the audience having the chance to meet all of the creative individuals involved in the production.

MF24H: MusicalFare 24 Hours (2014) was our most successful version of the event, thus far!   Don't miss out next year!